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Wedding Shoes - Brands

Which brand of wedding shoes should you select for your wedding day shoes? Well that is a difficult one to be honest as there are quite a few fabulous brands of wedding shoes around but here is an overview of them.
Pink By Paradox Wedding Shoes
The Pink By Paradox wedding shoes by Paradox London were the first brand we approved to sell via our store and certainly take centre stage in terms of popularity, we believe that this is due to the chic city styling, fabulous prices and with no fewer than 50 styles to choose from, they clearly are the leader in terms of assisting brides with the purchase of their wedding shoes.
Pink By Paradox wedding shoes offer the bride a fabulous range of styles including slingback, closed toe, closed back, vintage styles, peep toe, bows, flat shoes, mid heel, low heel right through to high heel wedding shoes.
The Pink By Paradox brand is young, fun and trendy offering a broad range of styles to suit the bride, bridesmaid & mother of the bride.
Pink styling is influenced very much by catwalk fashion trends, which are then translated into elegant and comfortable satin bridal shoes at a cost effective price for all.
Belle Wedding Shoes
Belle wedding shoes by Paradox London were introduced several years ago as an addition to their already successful collections, this mid budget range of wedding shoes are perfect for those wanting a silk wedding shoe but without the couture or boutique pricing.
This brand of wedding shoes is made from the finest ivory or white dyeable silk and has a fabulous range of fashionable styles to choose from. We feel the Belle By Paradox London collection is just perfect for those having silk bridal gowns. Peep toe wedding shoe styles certainly appears frequently throughout this wedding shoe brand.
Belle by Paradox London is a luxury handcrafted footwear collection that captures prevailing catwalk trends and unique crystal pieces to create a collection which is fundamentally unique. Belle by Paradox London encompasses lavish silk and alluring crystals which is combined with unique in-built comfort gel pads and soft leather lining to create a shoe which is not only chic but also comfortable.
Designed and created with beautiful crystals and embellishments along with the Belle By Paradox signature insoles, soft leather lining, shoe sizing from 210 and of course a few styles available in wide fitting, we can see why this award was given. Personally our sweetheart long bridesmaid dress seems to be very popular to compliment the range.
Benjamin Adams Wedding Shoes
The Benjamin Adams wedding shoe collection never fails to excite us here at Girls Of Elegance Limited, admittedly they are probably one of our favourite collections that we sell but there are many reason why. The first being swarovski, who doesn’t adore the ultimate sparkly that these crystals create?, teamed perfectly with both classic simple wedding dresses and of course those with plenty of sparkles to compliment. Let us tell you a little about them.
Benjamin Adams footwear was born to create luxurious and unique bridal footwear. They are glamorous, alluring and each piece has been created with a signature brand identity which is recognised fully as Benjamin Adams. Each design is striking, different and the luxury achieved through the intricate detailing and research into the ultimate of wedding shoe trends and trims. The head designer for the collection Alessandro Pavan who has worked with many leading italian brands has set out and succeeded in creating a luxury footwear range with using only the very finest chosen materials and stunning duchesse silk available.
The Benjamin Adams Wedding Shoes collection of which Girls Of Elegance Limited are an official platinum stockist are certainly worthy of A-list status and we are thrilled and proud that we as a company were awarded within the first two years this status as a leading seller of the brand for them.
The collection consists of approx 25 different wedding shoe styles with many strong influences year on year on various trends particularly vintage trims, platforms and elegant peep toes. The styles feature beautiful swarovski embellishments, brooch frontage designs and a fabulous range of comfortable heel heights.
In particular the Benjamin Adams wedding shoes collections feature a signature crystal adjustable buckle for those shoes requiring it, no stone was left unturned when this collection is revamped year after year. Soft cushioned insoles, leather linings and beautiful design and trims, what more could a bride ask for.
Rainbow Club Wedding Shoes
For Rainbow Club, their collections are so much more than just a wedding shoe. In their words it’s about a passion to provide beautiful, aspirational designs that are comfortable and really fit like a glove. Rainbow Club have been providing beautiful wedding shoes since 1986 and are completely dedicated to producing the best and are one of the most trusted wedding shoe companies in the industry.
All of the Rainbow Club wedding shoes are exclusively designed in house and then handmade using the very best components from guaranteed dyeable satins and swarovski buckles and embellishments. They also offer a very favourable price bracket of normally no more than £79.00. The pure ivory collection features a stunning small collection with fashion forward designs and flamboyant finishes. Imagine vintage chic and the pure ivory collection is probably for you.
One thing that really captures our eye with the Rainbow Club brand is their dedication to shoe photography, we love that they not only focus on close up detailing of the shoes themselves but their lifestyle photography really is beautiful and we love to showcase this via the Girls Of Elegance website wherever we can.
The +fit collection is perfect for those brides or any member of the bridal party who requires a shoe which is in the wider fitting, there are a beautiful collection of wedding shoes available in the wide fitting. The bliss collection combines classic styles with a generous fit, padded linings and spongey latex underfoot, which gives the guarantee of extreme comfort.
The Rainbow Club wedding handbags work perfectly for all of their bridal shoes.
Else Wedding Shoes
Else wedding shoes are a gorgeous collection that showcases everything from fashionable short points to platforms and t-bar sandals.
All of the Else wedding shoes including the Miss Else collection not only look beautiful but have soft linings to ensure extreme comfort for precious feet. We are thrilled also to promote that every Else and Miss Else styles are hand coloured free of charge to your own unique shade making Else wedding shoes the perfect choice for weddings, proms or indeed any special occasion.
The Else wedding shoe collections are available in Ivory Satin or indeed can be dyed from jelly bean green to sugar almond pink, either way you the bride can choose. Whether it’s a formal wedding, glamorous evening or summer garden party your shoes can be expertly hand dyed free of charge by the dedicated studio artists.
Girls Of Elegance Limited can always arrange this on our brides behalf meaning you can tick another something off your to do list.
We showcase the capabilites of the Else wedding shoes via our website as much as we can and we are truly dedicated to the brand as much as the creators, beautifully stylish, affordable and comfortable, the perfect combination we feel.
Our short bridesmaids dresses would certainly compliment this inexpensive range perfectly. We are dedicated in ensuring we are a one stop shop for all of your wedding accessory needs, our customer service team is always here to listen and assist with any enquiry that you have.
Rainbow Club in 2011 awarded Girls Of Elegance Limited and our sister companies 1st For Wedding Shoes & 1st For Bridal Shoes due to their dedication to the brand the Rainbow Couture Wedding Shoes collection and we are thrilled.
Rainbow Couture wedding shoes are the designer element to the Rainbow club brand of which also features Else Wedding Shoes and the simplicity of Rainbow Club wedding shoes. The Rainbow Couture collections are made from the finest silk fabrics and the swarovski detailing provides the ultimate in classy and chic shoe styling for the bride to be.
For Rainbow Couture, the collection offers so much more than a wedding shoe. It’s about a passion to provide beautiful, aspirational designs that are comfortable and really fit like a glove. Rainbow Couture provide the bride with the perfect shoe for their vision. Rainbow Couture is all about providing simple yet beautifully elegant wedding shoes with the most stunning trims made from the finest materials, in this case a lot of swarovski crystal is featured.
This collection of wedding shoes is small yet effective, ensuring the focus is purely on around 15 styles and getting those styles just perfect.
Complimented by a large variety of heel heights and wedding shoe styles ensuring that every potential bridal shoe requirement is taken into account making your purchase easy and simple we feel that the Rainbow Couture collection is just perfect.
We would also recommend for those wanting to dye the Rainbow Couture shoes after the wedding using our dyeing services that you compliment the shoes with one of our beautiful formal dresses, of which our sweetheart dress would compliment the trims of the shoes perfectly.
You can view the Rainbow Couture Wedding Shoes via our south west showroom, beautifully positioned on a huge velvet centrepiece with over 200 swarovski buttons.
The Meadows Wedding Shoes collection offer comfort, a very affordable price bracket and a stunning range of simple styles to suit every bride and their bridal party.
All of the Meadows brand of wedding shoes can be dyed to co-ordinate with the colours on your dress, bouquet, bridesmaid’s dress, husband-to be’s cravat, flowers, almost anything. So, when the big day arrives, you can step out in style, knowing that you have found your perfect match.
We were very pleased to launch the favourable diamond white collection of wedding shoes by Benjamin Walk. This enables us to cover every aspect of the brides needs as so many of you require diamond white wedding shoes to match your diamond white Maggie Sotterio or other famous designer you have chosen to make your gown, we are now able to provide these with this wedding shoe brand.
They offer a stunning range of designs for white, silver and gold shoes and we are having continued success with this fantastic wedding shoe brand.
We are able to deliver all of our wedding shoes within 3 working days ensuring that we are providing the fastest turnaround on the net for all our customers. We also offer a FREE UK DELIVERY service too.
All of these fabulous brands of wedding shoes are available to purchase from any of our websites including 1st For Wedding Shoes & 1st For Bridal Shoes.
We very much look forward to assisting you and hope this has given you a big insight into the wedding shoe brands available.

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